-    -Knitters from the Cambridge community and beyond are invited to contribute their knitting to the creation of a collaborative, large scale piece of outdoor public art - to cover the Main Street Bridge in knitting! Once the knitting is taken down, the efforts of this collaboration will be transformed into blankets and scarves for community support programmes. Be a part of this wonderful project and start knitting today!  To find out how to contribute your knitting to this initiative click here.
Sue's Message
This project was developed to include all levels of knitters, from novice to expert with the hope that it will stir creativity within seasoned knitters and be the foundation to attract a new generation of knitters. The contributions to this artistic community collaboration are key to its success. One person alone would struggle with a project of this magnitude but joined together we can create an amazing piece of art that will include a kaleidoscope of textures, colours and individually.
I want this work to make you smile, shake your head and laugh. Whatever you do, do it because you love to knit!

Before Installation
Knitting a community together
After Installation